Customers are often asking for a ballpark figure when it comes to determining pricing for their stone fireplace updates. Our stone veneer for fireplaces typically come in 3 different price ranges:

Stone Fireplace Price Range $2900-$3200 Installed

A typical stone fireplace in this price range is a job of approximately 50 square feet in your typical an older home with 8′ ceilings and no major demolition. The price includes installation, your choice of stone style and color with coordinating hearth stones. Mantels, demo and wiring for TV’s are additional.

Stone Fireplace Price Range $3500-$4400 Installed

Fireplaces in this price range are larger in 60- 90 Square foot range. The fireplaces are either wider or have taller ceilings. TV work, Fireplace doors and grates and mantels are all additional to the base price. A stone fireplace installation with our crew of three usually takes two days.

Stone Fireplace Price Range $4500-$6000 Installed

These fireplaces usually have ceilings that are 18’ high or more and the returns can vary in depth. The work will take anywhere from 2-4 days and clients usually add extras such as a mantel, TV, new doors and sometimes a limestone hearth. When the project is completed, your fireplace is certainly a focal point.