Stone Fireplaces- You Get What You Pay For

Stone Fireplaces Stone Veneer tvs and fireplaces

In the world of consumerism, there’s an old saying; “You get what you pay for.” Whether it’s a medical procedure or stone for your fireplace, the saying rings true.

Think about it; by having your next root canal performed by a marginally “licensed” dentist you could save you a ton of money up front. However, you’ll probably end up spending much more money getting the dental work fixed in the long-run by a more reputable dentist.

The same goes for custom colored stone. Some customers wonder why stone installation prices are high. The answer is simple. The cost goes directly to the expert craftsmanship that ensures long-lasting, exquisite results. At North Star Stone, our installers work exclusively with custom stone so you can rest assured they provide the utmost quality and attention to detail on your home.

Installing our stone involves selecting the right size, color, texture and placement within the entire scope of the project. You want the project to be visually interesting and flow. Our installers are masters. In fact, one of our satisfied customers referred to them as “Mason Ninjas.”

Poor Stone Veneer Installation

Poor Installation

A picture is worth a thousand words, and comparing a cheaply-installed stone fireplace and an expertly-installed one, proves this point. Look at the gaps between stones and the unsightly, asymmetrical lines. Compare that to an expert-installation and the differences are night and day.

Technically, anyone with some mortar and free-time could install your fireplace. However, they lack the experience of hundreds of installations. It’s scary, but some folks call themselves installers, although they only lay tile (not the same thing).

Professional Stone Veneer Fireplace

Professionally Installed Fireplace

These days, you can buy fabricated stone all over the place, from Big Box stores to cheap manufacturers. However, these resellers cannot provide you with expert design-ideas, they cannot custom color the stone to fit your home perfectly, and they won’t allow you to mix stone styles for a truly unique finished product you’ll be proud to call your own.

It’s important to keep in mind the expression, “you get what you pay for,” when shopping for custom stone and installation. Getting the job done right the first time is a much cheaper proposition than initially having it done poorly, and needing to do it again.

Creative Ways To Hide Media and Cords Around Fireplaces

Interview With The Pros Stone Fireplaces tvs and fireplaces

We have customers often asking for some of the best ways to hide media and cords when it comes to installing televisions over fireplaces. Here’s a great ideabook from Houzz that showcases how to get creative when it comes to hiding those cords behind your stone veneer fireplaces!

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