Chicago’s Ugliest Fireplace Finalists

Chicago’s Ugliest Fireplace Finalists

We have sure had some ugly fireplaces entered into the search for Chicago’s Ugliest Fireplace! You voted, and we have our top 6 finalists! Our judges are getting ready to cast their votes, and the winner will be announced in just a few days!  Good luck to all our finalists!

We had six finalists, because two tied for votes, so here they are in no particular order:

Chichago Ugliest Fireplace Finalist #1

“When we installed the fireplace, my husband decided to go with the see-thru brick to give the room that “industrial” look (exposed vents, piping, etc.) that was popular in restaurants about 10 years ago….it’s due for a change. Honestly, it’s another one of my husband’s numerous projects he’s started and hasn’t been able to finish (sigh). The kids have now commandeered it and it has become an indoor basketball court. I’m amazed at their resourcefulness but this is NOT what I envisioned for our family room! What I DO envision is for this fireplace to be wrapped in Mountain Ledge stonework that blends with the colors of the backyard as they change from green to the beautiful colors of fall. The stonework will also compliment the copper trim doors during the day as the sun illuminates the room. During the evening, the stonework will fit in nicely with the color of the fire and the soft glow of the dimmable halogen accent lighting above. Hey, at least demolition won’t take too long…. Please help me reclaim this area of my house and turn this ugly fireplace into something I’m not embarrassed about when guests come over. It has so much potential!”

Marla V.

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Chicago Ugliest Fireplace Finalist #2

This is the most hideous fireplace ever! Nothing matches, look at the black marble and dark brown splotchy bricks.

Michelle N.

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Chicago Ugliest Fireplace Finalist #3

This “lovely” fireplace is located in an otherwise beautiful and well built home in Libertyville. The architecture is praire style, complete with long lines, deep eves and multiple panel windows. The builders did a great job, very solid house. Exterior is perfect as is, but parts of the interior are stuck in the 80?s, this fireplace being the most shining example. Much of the main floor has already been updated, this is the last, and most important, update needed to make this shining star of a house current. I truly have never seen an uglier fireplace…ever!

Ana D.

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Chicago Ugliest Fireplace Finalist #4

This fireplace is in our family room. We feel for the size of the family room – the fireplace brick is just too dark and the 80?s gold has to go!!

Jennifer B.

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Chicago Ugliest Fireplace Finalist #5

Leif G.

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Chicago Ugliest Fireplace Finalist #6

Kevin T.

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