General FAQs

What is manufactured stone?

Manufactured stone is a man made stone. Molds from real stones are used. We use Portland Cement, a light weight aggregate and pigments used in both the paint and plastic industry to color the stones.

What are the advantages of using manufactured stone?

  • Manufactured stone is lighter than real stone.
  • Manufactured stone doesn’t require a brick ledge like real stone.
  • Manufactured stone can be used for both remodeling and new home construction.
  • Manufactured stone is typically 20-25% less expensive than real stone.
  • Manufactured stone looks like real stone

Who is North Star Stone?

We are a local manufacturer of man made stone. We are unique because we will help the home owner or builder with every step of the building process. We can offer you computer visualizations, color selection and of course our expert installation. Last year our masons installed over 25,000 square feet of stone.


Where can manufactured stone be used?

  • Exteriors: We can cover ugly brick, remove Dryvit, replace siding and use our stone in place of dated facades.
  • Interiors: We do a great job on dated fireplaces. Whether your home has drywall or brick, we can make your fireplace a focal point.
  • Basements: Stone has been used for themed basements like Irish pubs, media rooms and wine cellars.
  • Exterior Signs: Let us provide a quote for your building or subdivision. A sign in stone shows strength and permanence.
  • Interior Walls: Accent a wall with stone. Bring in texture and color that is different from paint, wall paper or paneling.

What makes North Star different from other manufacturers of stone?

  • We customize each order
  • We help you with all aspects from the start to the finish. No need to hire other people to complete the project.We use our own installers for the installation of your stone.  Our installers only install our stone. Some masons are installing brick one day, block the next day and real stone the following day. Practice does make perfect.
  • You order exactly what you need and get your product with a very quick turn around.
  • Our prices are competitive!  Like many services, you get what you pay for.  The cheapest is not always the best.  Look at our portfolio and call for a free estimate.
  • Learn More About Our Stone Veneer Warranty

Does stone veneer look and feel like real stone?

Yes! It does! Stone veneer looks and feels just like real stone, but is lighter, easier to install and lower in cost than real stone.