“Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.” ~ Michael Jordan

We are a group of many who come together to divide and conquer. Every single one of the people on this page brings an aspect to our company that makes us whole and helps us deliver the best stone veneer, with the best service and quality installation, and at the best costs. We take pride in our workmanship, and the people who help it all come together. Meet the team who helps bring everything at North Star Stone all together:


Alan Andrews


Alan works his tail off for our customers (when he’s not busy tending to Millie) and has been doing so for 15 years. Alan has a passion for his beautiful wife, sailing, photography and his new grandson (not necessarily in that order). When he’s not busy on calls with customers, he’s usually found playing with Millie, out on his sailboat, or causing Kristen to pull her hair out.


Kristen Klawitter

Head of Marketing & Web Development

Kristen is the marketing genius that performs multiple roles of developing and maintaining the website that drives new business to North Star Stone. In addition to the website, she manages the Social Media, Alan, Joe, Shae, Josie, Tara and Rick.  Kristen cheerfully points out that she has absolutely no control issues and her wine tasting helps her creativity.


Tara Davidson

Content Curator & Educator

Tara came to North Star Stone to help articulate all the things the rest of us just couldn’t seem to say. As a talented creative writer, Tara writes for the North Star Stone Blog, educating our customers. She also helps to keep Kristen sane. When she’s not busy writing, she enjoys wine, long walks on the beach & watching old episodes of The Carol Burnett Show. 


Andy Valentincic

Lead Contractor

Andy comes in usually before and sometimes after our masons to help with the jobs that require non masonry work. He handles the framing and TV hook ups when our customers need help with those aspects of their fireplaces. Andy does amazing work and always leaves our customers happy!


Stefan Craciunoiu

Visualization & 3D Modeling

Stefan is a young architect with a passion for all things beautiful. At North Star Stone, he is responsible for our 3D modeling and our new visualization process. Stefan is also very much involved in the concept that defines each and every one of our projects. The love he carries for architecture together with his very easy-going and highly adaptable personality make Stefan a valuable asset for our team.


Rick Rubenstein

Business Advisor

Rick Rubenstein is a well respected SCORE Advisor to small businesses and is currently assisting North Star Stone as one of his clients. SCORE is a government program designed to help businesses grow and reach their full potential. The mentors are successful business leaders that graciously volunteer their time to help entrepreneur.
Rick sold his technology business several years ago and enjoys giving back and providing valuable insight in what it takes to develop a successful business.  When not mentoring he loves travel, fitness and photography.