Did you know that North Star Stone custom colors each batch of stone by hand? When a customer selects a stone, we start with our many different sample boards and then allow the customer to add and subtract colors or possibly blend two different sample boards together. The color process is more like art than a science and the creations are special and one of a kind.

We encourage customers to bring in samples of the materials they will be using on their project. If it is an exterior, bring a piece of siding, some pictures and even samples of pavers you might be using. If you are redoing your fireplace, bring your new or existing flooring samples, paint swatches and even a pillow or two from the furniture. We will spend the time selecting a perfect color combination that will work for your house today and still try to make the stone color timeless.

Our Stone Showroom Located In Libertyville, Illinois

Our Stone Showroom In Libertyville

We also have 14 styles of stone. We have the traditional cobble stone for homes and more formal fireplaces, assorted textured blends to create some wonderful and visually pleasing fireplaces and even a contemporary stone that is called Narrow Profile.

Review our gallery of pictures and make a list of your favorite styles and colors. Then call or email us to discuss your choices and possibly set up an appointment.


Each batch of stone is hand made and custom colored.

Families often come in to help custom color their own stone!

Families often come in to custom color their own stone! 

Customer coloring stone veneer for her home

Bring in pictures and materials from your home to match the colors of your design.