Interview With The Pros: Pro-Line Exteriors Cement Board Siding

Interview With The Pros Stone Exteriors

Our potential customers frequently ask about how they can refresh the look of their existing home. In many cases the client has older siding that looks faded and dated. The customers love the look of stone and want to incorporate stone with their new siding. Please help us understand the cement board siding and why you recommend Hardie Siding.


1)   What is cement board siding and why has it become so popular?

James Hardie fiber cement siding is made of Portland cement, cellulose fiber, and silica.  Some other companies use fly ash instead of silica.  Fly ash, a combustion by-product, has proven to be a poor constituent because many of the planks have experienced delamination.  James Hardie planks and panels offer the best performance, durability, and look.

 stone siding and hardie board

2)   What are the color and trim options for the cement siding and what are your recommendations for selecting colors? What factors do we need to consider?

The James Hardie ColorPlus Collection offers 23 different siding colors and trim.  ColorPlus finishes come with a 15-year warranty that includes both labor and material.  You can also get a custom color from a third party pre-finisher but the finish warranty is very limited.  The primary factor in choosing between a ColorPlus finish or a third party custom color is this warranty.  ColorPlus comes with the full backing of the James Hardie Corporation; one can only hope the third party pre-finisher will stay in business long enough to honor their very limited warranty.

3)   Please describe the steps of a typical installation job using cement board siding.

The first step is the tear-off of existing siding and installation of the James Hardie house wrap.  After setting the trim (outside corners, inside corners, frieze boards, window trim, etc.) the siding can be installed.  The siding is blind nailed and all seams are covered in a slip sheathing to properly shed incidental moisture.

 stone veneer siding with hardie board

4)   Do we need to get a permit for new siding?  It depends on the municipality and scope of work.  Some don’t require a permit for siding and some do.

Some municipalities also require a house wrap inspection to take place before the siding can be installed.  Even is a siding permit isn’t required some municipalities have license, bond, and insurance requirements.


5)   If I am considering either new windows or new doors, can I still put up my siding first and save the windows and doors for a later project?

Although it is preferable to do the windows first, Hardie siding can be installed in such a way to allow windows to be installed at a later date by installing James Hardie window trim around existing windows.  The optimum exterior renovation, for both function and aesthetics, occurs when the windows and siding are done at the same time.


6)   How does the cost of cement board siding compare to other siding materials and why is it worth the money?

A James Hardie fiber cement siding project is approximately 30% more than standard vinyl and 15-20% more than foam back vinyl.  It is worth the extra investment for many reasons: it holds up much better over time than vinyl; Hardie is non-combustible so the homeowner can get a discount on homeowner’s insurance; it is environmental friendly; and most of all, Remodelers’ Magazine lists James Hardie siding as the number one return on investment among all home renovation projects.

  faux stone siding with hardie board

7)   Do you have a favorite product you like to recommend to your customers and why?

James Hardie fiber cement siding, North Star Stone Veneer and Marvin windows.


8)   Do you like the addition of stone to the front of the home and your siding material?

Absolutely!  Adding North Star Stone to one of our projects creates a substantial “Wow!” factor for the homeowner.  Every homeowner we’ve worked with that did Hardie with the North Star Stone claims that their family members, friends, and neighbors are amazed at their renovation.


9)   Please give us a little background about your company and how our readers can contact you.

Pro-Line Exteriors, Inc. is a family owned and operated company.  The owners, Andy and Mike, do all the estimating, sales, and project oversight.  Our primary focus is exterior re-modeling.  The best is to call 847-710-9996.  Visit their website at