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Houzz is one of the most amazing resources available to homeowners today. From remodeling, to design, to home buying and selling advice, Houzz has become a well rounded tool for homeowners and professionals alike. North Star Stone has been a member of the Houzz community for over 2 years now. We’ve found it a valuable resource for our customers, business associates, as well as ourselves. From displaying our stone veneer to building connections and sharing content, we use Houzz in a variety of ways and wanted to share this with our customers in hopes that you might find it useful too.

Some of The Ways We Use Houzz:

We show off our stone work!

We’re very proud of our stone and the craftsmanship that goes into creating it. We have created an extensive portfolio on Houzz.com to display our work. We have stone fireplace galleries, stone exterior galleries, and other stone projects posted on our Houzz profile. You can see our profile here!

We connect with other professionals.

Houzz has been a great way for us to meet and connect with other professionals. Our customers are often looking for more than one service, and we’ve been able to recommend television installers, pavers, and other contractors that are on Houzz.

We get reviewed!

We meet a lot of new customers on Houzz, and they often leave us reviews on Houzz. We’re very proud of our 5 star review status and have over 40 reviews on our stone fireplace and stone exterior projects. Our customers who aren’t on Houzz can leave us a review too! Review us on Houzz Here! Or if you prefer to leave a review through a different site- here’s a list of places you can review our stone fireplaces and exteriors!

Homeowners can use Houzz in so many ways. We’re excited about this growing opportunity for home owners to create and visualize new and beautiful spaces in their homes. If you’re not on Houzz already, you can sign up here. And don’t forget to follow North Star Stone on Houzz!