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Custom Colored Mountain Stack Stone Veneer

If you want a custom blend of stone color to create the stunning focal point of your home, whether it is the front of the home or the fireplace, we can help.

For the last nine years North Star Stone of Libertyville, IL have been custom blending and coloring our manufactured stone and supplying stone and providing installation in the Chicago market. We have just recently started shipping our hand crafted stone due many requests for custom colored stones.

We start by deciding the amount of color intensity we want in a project. Some designers might refer to a lot of color of intensity as “Drama”.

We quantify these measures as:

1) Very Intense Color with all of the stones having color added to them.
2) High Intensity Color will have about 70% color and 30% neutral or no color.
3) Medium Intensity has a blend of 50% colored stones and 50% no colored stones.
4) Low Intensity is about 30% colored stones and typically softer and less colors to blend with the remaining balance of the 70% non colored stones and
5) Very Low Intensity is almost all no colored stone with hints of a few light colors gently misted on the stones to provide some variation.

The colors are hand applied to mold before the concrete is added to the mold. By blending two – three different colors in a mold we create beautiful shading. The intensity will also vary as the color is applied and then brushed in. We have had customers and even young children help with some of the coloring and if you would like to help color your stone just let us know.  It is our attention to detail and artistic nature that creates these beautiful and life like colors that will exactly what you want.

If you find a color of stone that you like in a picture that you want to replicate, send us the picture and we will let you know if we can match your request. Our fireplace pictures are all custom creations based on our customer suggestions. No two fireplaces will ever look alike, but the desired color and warmth that you desire will be just what you wanted. Maybe you want earth tone colors but no burgundy or maybe no gold tones, just let us know. Maybe you have a dark hardwood floor and you want the ebony colored picked up a slightly; no problem.

At North Star Stone we customize every batch just for you and will install the stone locally or ship it to you using our best freight rates.