What Is The Best Stone For My Fireplace?

What Is The Best Stone For My Fireplace?

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We hear the question all the time- what is the best stone for my fireplace. Honestly, there is no best stone for everyone.  The best stone depends on the location of the fireplace in the home and where you live. What we install in the suburbs of Chicago is completely different than what the consumers in the city of Chicago desire. We have also found that customers that immigrate from other countries have different cultural differences for stone style. Just like the our customers from the West Coast have a different style from the customers from the East Coast.

We added a new style of stone to our collection that we call our Narrow Profile Stone. All the stones are the same height with very tight and narrow stone profiles. The look is much more contemporary than our traditional stones like our cobble stone or even the stones from our ledge stone collection including our Dry Stack, Mountain Stack and Mountain Ledge Stone.

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We have experimented and found that only one to three different colors added to the Narrow Profile stone create the most visually interesting look. Some manufactures try to make each little ridge have a new color and the look becomes very confused. A stone with fewer colors blend very well. You can choose either a cream color base, or a cooler grey color. What ever your color choice, North Star Stone can create a beautiful blend of stone, especially if you are looking for a more contemporary style for a fireplace or interior wall in your home.

The pictures that are attached to this article show some very beautiful stone fireplaces.  Please contact North Star Stone, Inc of Libertyville, Illinois at 947-996-6850 or info@northstarstone.biz.

Stone Veneer for Fireplaces & Color Choices

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Stone Veneers are Perfect for Fireplace Refinishing:

Are you looking to reface your brick fireplace with stone veneer for your fireplace, or possibly create a stone interior wall and unsure of the color of stone that would work best for your project? Maybe you love the earth tone colors, but don’t want to have any rust in your newly remodeled stone veneer  fireplace. North Star Stone, Inc., custom colors every batch of your stone order for your fireplace or interior wall project. We will help you select the perfect colors for your dream stone fireplace

Stone Veneer for Fireplace sample boards

North Star Stone, Inc. Showroom Stone Veneer Sample Boards

How to Select the Right Stone Veneer for your Fireplace? 

There is a very creative process that we provide when coloring your stone veneer.  We ask you about the color of the room, the flooring, paint choices, lighting and your likes and dislikes for color. We will also discuss the color tones and intensity of color you want for your new faux stone project. This information is turned into a color formula to be blended in your choice of stone styles.  We have interior designers, couples and even families add a helping hand when we start coloring the stone. You can also help color your own manufactured stone so you can say you helped make your newly refinished stone fireplace.

Stone Veneer for fireplaces, coloring process

Cathy Murray, Interior Designer, hand painting stone veneer for her customer’s wine cellar

How to select the “best” stone veneer for my fireplace?

In addition to customizing the color of your soon to be remodeled fireplace, you can select from our many different stone veneer styles. Our man made stone selection includes cobble stone, ledge stone, field stone, river rock and our custom blends of stone like our Mountain Stack Ledge Stone, Wisconsin Prairie Ledge Stone and our Traditional Dry Stack Ledge stone.

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Mom and Daughter coloring stone veneer for their new stone fireplace








If you love stone walls, stone fireplaces and looking for fireplace design ideas including custom coloring your stone veneer for your home, contact North Star Stone, Inc at 847-996-6850.  

Stone Veneer sample board.

Stone Veneer sample color board, many colors and intensity are available with North Star Stone