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I have brick on my house. Can I use stone?

Brick makes a great surface to apply thin stone veneer. A thin coat of mortar is applied to the brick and the brick is installed directly over the brick.

My current siding needs to be replaced, how can I incorporate stone into the design of my home?

There are many ways to incorporate stone into a home’s exterior. We can apply stone to some areas and a new siding material like Hardie Board to other areas. We will work with your siding contractor or suggest the names of great siding contractors. We can follow your suggestions, or provide our own advice on where the best placement for the stone would be on the home’s exterior.

I would like to replace the Dryvit on my home, any suggestions?

Dryvit has had a bad reputation due to moisture problems. Homes that have Dryvit are frequently penalized when a home is sold.  We have successfully removed Dryvit and replaced the areas with combinations of stone, siding or stucco.

What are the advantages of stone veneer (manufactured stone) over real stone?

Real stone is typically about 4” thick and the house needs a brick ledge to support the stone. On existing homes, thin stone veneer doesn’t need a brick ledge and the windows don’t need to be reset to accommodate the thickness of the stone veneer. Stone veneers can be installed more quickly than real stone lowering the time and cost for installation. Colors can be specified to meet your needs.  In addition quarried stones may have different color variations from what you see at the showroom.

What is manufactured stone made of?

Our thin stone veneers are made out of concrete, colored and molded from real stones. Read more about our stone veneer warranty here.