If I have a plain drywall fireplace, can I change it to a stone fireplace?

Yes.  First any tile around the fireplace or on the hearth is removed. We then attach a wire mesh to the studs of the existing and then add a skim coat of mortar. If a mantel has been selected, it will be installed before the stone. The stone is then laid by hand. Each piece of stone is examined, taking into account the color, texture, shape and size of each stone and relating it to the entire project. The last pieces installed are the hearthstones. Total installation time is 1-2 days.

Can I use stone on my dated brick fireplace?

Yes. The thin stone veneer is applied directly to the old brick with mortar. If the brick is painted, a wire mesh needs to be secured to the painted brick by drilling fasteners into the brick.

Is weight an issue with thin stone veneer?

No.  Our thin stone veneers typically weigh about nine pounds per square foot, which is about 25% less than real stone veneers. The wire mesh attached to the studs of the house is what carries the weight.

Can we install a TV over the fireplace when adding stone veneer?

Yes. We use a specialized contractor to prepare the fireplace for new electric and running the audio components for the new fireplace. Our stone is placed around the mounting bracket and after we are finished installing the stones, the contractor comes back to install the TV. To date, heat has not been an issue for the new TV.  Learn More About Installing TVs over Stone Fireplaces 

How long does it take to install a new stone fireplace and is it messy?

 A typical fireplace of 50-70 square feet takes 1 day to install. A two story stone fireplace generally takes two days.  We also take great care in sealing off the other areas of the house and putting down runners on the floor to minimize dust. All our stone is cut and the mortar is mixed outside.

What is the warranty for the stone and installation?

The stone has a 5 year warranty and the installation has a 2 year warranty. Learn More About Our Stone Veneer Warranty Here

Why should I use North Star Stone, Inc for my stone fireplace?

There are so many reasons why you should use our company to reface your existing fireplace in stone veneer.  We offer professional advice and design ideas. We custom manufacture each of our customer’s orders to insure the best selection of stone style and colors. Our masons are craftsmen creating elegant and yet classically designed fireplaces that are fully insured. We have a beautiful showroom where we can create computer visualizations of what your fireplace will look like in stone.