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Add an elegant, custom wood mantel to your fireplace to enhance your home.

Designing or purchasing the perfect mantel for your home can be a rewarding experience. Count on North Star Stone for practical advice to help you make the best choice. With stone veneer, you have an abundance of color customization options to ensure your mantel stands out beautifully. Collaborating with a designer can also help you create a mantel that is unique to your home, avoiding a cookie-cutter look.

Investing time in selecting a quality, beautifully crafted fireplace mantel will enhance your home’s charm and character year-round, bringing your personal style to life during every season. 

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Considerations When Picking a Mantel

When it comes to wooden fireplace mantels, you typically have two styles to choose from: a floating ledge (also known as a shelf) or a surround. A floating ledge is mounted above the fireplace, while a surround completely frames it. A simple mantel can help the fireplace blend seamlessly with the room, while an ornate surround can make it a standout feature that naturally draws the eye upward.

Before installing your floating wooden mantel, here are a few key considerations:


When choosing a wooden fireplace mantel, consider how the style aligns with your overall aesthetic. There are numerous styles available, including colonial, industrial, modern, and more. Some common style terms you may hear are:

  • Rustic: Raw wood, reclaimed wood, and other natural, organic materials contribute to a rustic look. Rustic fireplace mantels offer coziness and warmth to your living spaces and pair particularly well with vintage fireplaces
  • Modern: Modern fireplace mantels are all about simplicity and clean lines. Natural, earthy tones and minimal detailing complement a monochromatic décor, creating a sleek, contemporary look.
  • Traditional: Traditional mantels feature classic designs that never go out of style. They are often more decorative than other styles, with carved wooden appliqués and intricate woodwork that add elegance and charm.



By taking these measurements and considerations into account, you can select a wooden fireplace mantel that enhances the beauty and functionality of your living space.

  • Width: The mantel should be wider than the fireplace—typically 3 to 6 inches wider than the firebox on each side. You can choose to go wider, but it’s important to keep the mantel width proportionate to both the room size and the fireplace.
  • Height: The standard mantel height is about 4-1/2 feet above the hearth’s floor. However, this standard can vary depending on the fireplace. This placement works well for small to medium-sized rooms. The bottom of the mantel should be mounted at least 12 inches above the top of the firebox opening to ensure safety and compliance with National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) code 211.
  • Depth: A typical mantel depth is 6 to 7 inches, allowing space for decorative items on top. A mantel with less depth might lose its presence and appear disproportionate to the fireplace. However, the depth shouldn’t be too great, as heat can become trapped and potentially damage the mantel.

Trust North Star Stone for Your Custom Mantel 

Choosing a well-crafted, high-quality fireplace mantel will enhance your home with charm and character throughout the year, while also highlighting your seasonal decor. For a custom mantel to complement your new stone veneer fireplace, reach out to the stone experts at North Star Stone.

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