Limited Warranty


North Star Stone, Inc. products carry a limited warranty. If any North Star Stone material is defective in any way when installed*, North Star Stone will replace the defective stone(s) with new materials at no expense to the original owner**. The replacement of stone does not include the labor cost for the removal of or replacing the stone. The North Star Stone product warranty does not include the following: settling of a structure or any other structural movement, contact with chemicals, paints, acids, stains, oxidation, improper installation, or acts of God.

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The North Star Stone must be installed on structures that are in accordance with all local building codes and installed to manufacturer’s specifications.

** The warranty is limited to the original owner of the stone.

Technical Data ~ Stone Manufacturer Specifications


  • North Star Stone products are manufactured to satisfy all building code specifications and ASTM requirements that apply to our product.
  • The stone is shipped on a wooden pallet containing 100 sq. ft. of stone and 10 linear ft. of corners.
  • Approximate shipping weight is 9 lbs/sq. ft.
  • The stones range in size from 2 to 20 x20, depending on the style.
  • Because of our exclusive blend of Portland cement, Silica sand, and Iron Oxide color pigments, color has become a primary part of our stone. No undesirable changes have come about due to years of weathering.
  • When North Star Stone is installed in accordance with stone manufacturer specifications and spacing tolerance, the stone is noncombustible and completely safe.