We often get the question “Is it safe to put a television above a stone fireplace?”

Fireplaces are usually well insulated and with the flue open the heat and smoke are drawn up the flue.  We have customers tape a thermometer where they are planning to add a TV and turn on/ignite the fireplace. The maximum temperature reported with a big fire is about 85 degrees. To date, we have not had any TV’s that have been damaged by the heat. Below are some images that show a few of our stone fireplaces with televisions mounted above.

Stone fireplaces with flat screen TVs mounted above are a great way to combine two focal points into one and save space. In the last six years of installing stone fireplaces with flat-screen TVs there have been no reported problems with heat or smoke. The viewing angle is very comfortable, especially with the tilt and swivel TV brackets that are now available.

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