Mountain Ledge Stone Veneer

A Beautiful, Rugged Stone For Fireplaces

Our Mountain Ledge Stone Veneer makes a gorgeous choice for fireplaces. It offers textured stone with clean lines and medium sized, bold stones. As with all of our stone, our Mountain Ledge Stone Veneer can be custom colored to match your design style. This stone goes beautifully with bold wood mantles of any color.

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Mountain Ledge Stone is our most textured stone. With a blend of narrower pieces from  1 1/2″ high and from 5″- 14″ long, to the larger pieces that are 6″-7″ high and lengths from 10″-14″ long and wide variety of stones between the ranges to create a blend that flows together perfectly.
The rugged texture looks at home in a great room fireplace or wine cellar. Most often the installations are done without a mortar joint to capture the texture. Thoughtful lighting over the stone wall creates unique shadows on the stone and enhance the appearance.