The Classic Look of Cobble Stone Veneer

A cobble stone fireplace is a classic look and stands the test of time. Larger pieces, slightly less textured and more rounded edges make this a perfect setting in a more formal room or when a more sophisticated ambiance is desired. Our faux stone in the cobble stone style is installed with a mortar joint to give the finished stone fireplace its classic fireplace design.

A wood mantel will compliment your new cobble stone fireplace. Browse through our wood mantel pictures including those made from oak, alder or cherry and select the design detail you like, maybe the Liberty Lodge, The Lake Forest, or the Classic Fairfield. Our wood mantels are custom made by a local wood worker and will be made to your specifications.

Customized coloring for your new faux stone cobble stone fireplace will look amazing. We discuss your desired color pallet, taking into consideration all the factors from furniture, flooring and lighting. A cobble stone fireplace is an affordable investment in your home.