Make Your Home Beautiful – Install Stone Veneer!

Our stone veneer is a realistic, beautiful, versatile material that can work wonders in creating and designing beautiful fireplaces, home exteriors and interiors. The flexibility and versatility that comes with veneer is unmatched by natural stone. Stone veneer is lighter in weight –  typically weighing 75% less than real stone and require no additional support.  It’s often much faster to install a manufactured stone that it is to install a natural stone- a one story fireplace can be typically installed in one day.

Our manufactured stone veneers are molded from real stones which gives them a natural, beautiful appearance. They also offer versatility when it comes to color and design- custom colors and designs flawlessly match your home’s decor or existing stone.

And don’t forget that manufactured stone is less expensive than real stone veneers. When you factor in installation, you can up to 30% on your entire project! 

What is stone veneer?

Stone Veneer is a man made stone. Molds from real stones are used. We use Portland Cement, a light weight aggregate and pigments used in both the paint and plastic industry to color the stones.

What are the advantages of using manufactured stone veneer?

  • Stone Veneer is lighter than real stone.
  • It doesn’t require a brick ledge like real stone.
  • It can be used for both remodeling and new home construction.
  • Veneers are typically 20-25% less expensive than real stone.
  • Looks just like real stone!

Browse some of our work below (click on any image to enlarge and view slideshow) or click through to one of our galleries to find some more inspiration for your stone project!