5 Things You Can Do With Stone To Turn Your Backyard Into a Sanctuary

5 Things You Can Do With Stone To Turn Your Backyard Into a Sanctuary

With temperatures in the Chicagoland area already getting into the 80’s, like most people, you are probably eager to spend more time outside soaking up the rays and getting your daily dose of vitamin D. The only problem is, that after years of harsh Midwestern winters your backyard is looking a little rough around the edges (and maybe even the hedges!). But don’t be dismayed because there is hope! Many homeowners have discovered that stone as well as stone veneer is a great way to revitalize this space while transforming it into a natural and relaxing sanctuary. Continue reading to gain some helpful ideas on how you too can turn your backyard into that perfect outdoor living space.

Stone Patio

If that old wooden deck is getting up there in years and looks like it has seen better days, why not replace it with a new stone patio? Unlike wood, stone requires less maintenance to keep itself looking great. Strong and dependable, your new stone will also handle the snow, rain and sun much better than your old wooden deck. The variety, sizes and shapes of stone also offer numerous ways in which you can design your patio space. Make it as little or as big as you want. Better still, because of its enduring qualities and timeless beauty, your stone patio will be looking fabulous for years to come!


If you are tired of having to constantly weed your yard then laying gravel might be just the thing. Simple and fairly quick to install, gravel can go virtually anywhere in a backyard. Swap out the old wood chip mulch in your flowerbeds with gravel and add some decorative grasses or planters containing your favorite flowers. You can also use gravel to create a walking path or two on your property. Another plus of gravel is that it is hardy and will withstand pet urine unlike grass, which can die with regular exposure to Fido’s bathroom breaks.

Add an Outdoor Fireplace

There may not be a better way to make outdoor living more inviting and enjoyable then by installing a fireplace in your backyard. Who doesn’t like the idea of cozying up to an outdoor hearth with friends on a cool summer night? Your fireplace can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Many homeowners go one step further and enhance their outdoor fireplaces by adding simple-to-install stone veneer. Because of the varieties of stone veneer available, it is really hard to go wrong. Your only problem might be selecting which stone you like the best among the many gorgeous varieties available.

Update or Add Stone to Fences, Walls, and Railings

One of the more simple projects to consider might just be updating or adding some stone veneer to any cement fences or walls you may have in your backyard. Turn a plain cement fence or wall into one with beautifully cut decorative stone. If you do not have any walls in your yard, consider adding a wall or two with a lovely distinctive stone veneer. Go a step further by complimenting your newly updated stone walls by adding coordinating or matching stone veneer to railings. Doing this will revamp and revitalize ordinary railings by giving them a natural yet stately presentation.

Create a Pond

Water has many wonderful qualities. Listening to the gentle ripple of water as it flows over stones is a wonderful way to relax and unwind. The simple act of peering into a pool of water can help ease the stress of a taxing day. So why not install a small pond in your backyard and have the therapeutic benefits of water available anytime you wish? By using stone you can really personalize the size, shape and appearance of your pond. One word of advice is to add a pump or other device so that water can flow constantly as you do not want mosquitos getting the wrong idea and using your watery haven as a breeding ground.

As you can see, stone and stone veneer are extremely versatile materials that can really do wonderful things for the appearance of your yard and the surrounding exterior elements of your home. If you think you might like to add stone veneer to beautify your backyard please visit North Star Stone. You, too, can learn why homeowners in Chicagoland suburbs like Arlington Heights, Libertyville, Barrington and Mount Prospect are so happy with their new stone products. Also, please visit our Exterior Stone FAQ page or contact us at info@northstarstone.biz or call 847-996-6850 for a free estimate on your new exterior stone.


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