Cobble Stone Fireplace -Refined and Elegant

Cobble Stone Fireplace -Refined and Elegant

Every stone style tells a story and has its place and time.  At North Star Stone we manufacture our thin stone veneer one batch at time for each order. We assist the customer with selecting the best stone shape (style) and color to work with their existing fireplace and create a transformation.

Our cobble stone veneer is a perfect choice for a more formal looking fireplace. The pieces of stone have a soft texture with a combination of both softly rounded corners and sharper edges. Stone sizes in height range from about 4” to 14” high and the lengths of the stones range from 8” to 20 “ long. These longer pieces work wonderfully when you are covering a larger fireplace whether it is a single story fireplace with an 8’ or wider walls or a two story fireplace. The shape and the texture fill in the space and don’t make the fireplace look too busy with small pieces.

For the larger fireplaces we most frequently use the lighter color stone like our chateau. The lighter color still creates the stunning look of the new and magnificent fireplace and doesn’t over power the room.

The cobblestone fireplace pictures below will provide some nice examples of why you should consider our cobble stone when you are remodeling your brick fireplace. Future Blogs will include our more textured ledge stones for your new stone fireplace.

See more examples of our cobble stone fireplaces here

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