Exterior Stone Veneer and Stucco- A Perfect Combination

Exterior Stone Veneer and Stucco- A Perfect Combination

The use of thin stone veneer and a stucco finish can completely update the look of your home. In the mid price homes that we frequently work with, the combination of stone and stucco give a sense of beauty, strength, permanence and elegance.  Many home homeowners with an existing house have a dated brick or a brick color they don’t care for, or a plain track house that looks like every other house on the block. Below are examples of how stone veneer and stucco blended together might work for your home.

Stone Veneer Exterior Siding

The traditional style home pictured to the right is located in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois and built was built in a typical upscale housing development. The models start looking the same from block to block. The original home was covered in white siding and some brick under the porch. Working with the homeowner we designed a look that capitalized on the lines of the house that blended the stone and stucco together.

The stone veneer used is North Star Stone’s cobblestone in the color of Northern Brown Stone. The stucco contractor blended a custom color of stucco and used his artistic ability to create a beautiful offsetting color banding. The banding detail on the garage, over the windows and on the columns really blended well with the stone to create a masterpiece.

Stone-Veneer-StuccoChicago Home With Stone and Stucco Sidingstone-stucco-2

This brick ranch house, also located in a northern Chicago suburb created an interesting challenge since we had to work with the existing red clay tiles for the roofing. The home was originally clad in a very dark red brick. North Star Stone’s Castle Rock was used in the color of chateau and was installed on the lower foot section around the house. Stucco was applied above the stone drip sill in a coordinating color.

Both stone veneer and stucco are masonry products that are virtually maintenance free and have stood the test of time and work in all climates.  The blending of stone and stucco also is a cost effective way for the homeowner to stretch out their budget. Stucco installation is about half the cost of stone with installation. Effective use of blending both stone veneer and stucco will create a completely new look for your home.

Whether you are building a new house, getting rid of your old siding or trying to cover up some brick you don’t care for, North Star Stone, Inc., can find a perfect blend of stone and stucco.



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