Chicago’s Ugliest Fireplace Contest Meeting With The Family

Chicago’s Ugliest Fireplace Contest Meeting With The Family

This past weekend, we had the chance to meet with the winners of the Chicago’s Ugliest Fireplace Contest. Boy were they awesome. Marla, Rob and family were so nice and the fireplace was even uglier in person. :) (Just teasing!) But we are super excited to see the end result!

stone veneer

Chicago’s Ugliest Fireplace Contest Winner

Marla and Rob put an addition on their home and have the fireplace in the new addition. Rob has done all the work himself and done a great job! The fireplace is framed out, electrical installed and also a really neat “hidden” speaker at the foot of the fireplace. We sat down to discuss the stone options and then took some measurements and went through how the stone veneer is installed on the fireplace. We also went through how the fireplace can be prepped for the veneer installation. Rob is going to be putting up Durock cement board before we get started and they’re also going to get some neat shelving/seating units framed out on the sides of the fireplace, and a flat screen tv bracket mount before we install the veneer. This room is a full on multi-purpose room that is going to be set for all the members of the family!

fireplace veneer 1

The VanDurme’s and Alan Andrews from North Star Stone

They have 4 kids, so decided a basketball hoop would be fun for a little while for the kids! We decided though that the basketball hoop would have to go (sorry kids- it just doesn’t match with the stone!).

fireplace veneer makeover 2

Alan showing the VanDurmes the different types of stone veneer they can choose from.

So the basketball hoop is coming down, the Durock cement board is going up and then comes the stone veneer! Before we install the veneer, Marla, Rob and family are coming to our showroom and factory to help color some of the stone that will be used on their fireplace. Stay tuned for pics and video! It’s going to be fun!

Chicago’s Ugliest Fireplace Contest Winner

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