Get Your Custom Stone Veneer Shipped To Your Door- No Matter Where You Are

Get Your Custom Stone Veneer Shipped To Your Door- No Matter Where You Are

Are you having a difficult time finding the perfect blend of stone style and stone color for your new stone fireplace?  At North Star Stone, we can walk you through the steps so you feel comfortable placing a custom stone veneer order that we will be hand colored and manufactured.  Using our freight brokers, we will then find the low cost carrier to deliver the stone to your home.  Depending on where you live, the total turn around time is usually less than two weeks.

Shipping 3stone veneer fireplaceThanks to Houzz, Google, Pinterest, FaceBook and other websites, new customers are calling us with requests to custom color and manufacture stone for their fireplace, wine cellars and interior walls. Clients find our images on the above Social sites and fall in love with both the color blends and textures of stones that we can produce.  Frequently we will even create a new stone veneer color to meet the needs of the client.  It just takes a little time on the phone to discuss your project and define your expectations for the color and texture.

Find The Best Stone Veneer For Your Fireplace

A stone fireplace, stone accent wall or a stone wine cellar is a real focal point and you want the stone to look it’s best. A skilled mason is going to give you the best results. There is an art to selecting the stones to coordinate. The masons are looking at each stone for color, texture and size. The masons make it look easy as they quickly select the stone to lay, but they are the professionals.  However, many DIY people have had outstanding results installing the stone themselves. It just takes time and patience to get a job that you are proud of.

Shipping stone veneerWe have shipped stone from the east coast and as far west as Hawaii and from Northern Michigan to Georgia. If you are having a difficult time find the perfect stone veneer for your new stone fireplace, please contact us. Our phone number is 847-996-6850 or email us at

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