Adding Exterior Stone Veneer Means Higher Home Resale Values

Adding Exterior Stone Veneer Means Higher Home Resale Values

Warmer weather will be arriving soon, and for many homeowners throughout the Chicagoland area that means the eager anticipation of exterior home remodeling projects.  There are a number of outside improvements you can make to your house that will upgrade its appearance into a newer and more luxurious one.  However, for many people it boils down to their budgets and which potential renovations provide the highest resale return on investment.   To assist your decision making, Remodeling Magazine publishes an annual Cost vs. Value Report ranking the most common exterior home remodels based upon their future market resale value payback on investment.

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Their 2018 analysis is now available, and for the second year in a row manufactured stone veneer siding placed second in overall project cost to home resale value benefit, posting a solid 97.1% showing.  To arrive at that figure, Remodeling Magazine used a measurement based upon an average replacement of a 300-square-foot continuous band of vinyl siding on the bottom third of a home’s front with manufactured stone veneer, along with new sills, corners and an address block.  Bested in their survey by only a new garage door installation, exterior stone siding once again proved itself as a viable payback consideration for your next exterior home improvement project.  Let’s take a closer look now at some of the advantages of using manufactured stone to liven up your house.

Exterior Stone Veneer is Versatile and Attractive

If the outside of your current home is finished with vinyl or clapboard siding, replacing it with one of the many available designs of manufactured stone veneer will dramatically showcase its exterior, while transforming it into a richer-looking alternative with enhanced curb appeal.  Additionally, situations arise when a home’s exterior has a Dryitt issue and that’s where a mixture of stone veneer with another siding material can be used to replace the damaged Dryitt areas.  In any of these cases, envious onlookers including potential buyers will be drawn to the rejuvenated appearance as your structure stands out from others around it.  In fact, faux stone can actually create the illusion that your home was constructed with expensive stone or brick!   As a versatile remodeling material, stone veneer can be used to improve the look of the following exterior features:

  • Around the front entryway
  • On the front of your garage
  • As a full wall accent
  • To decorate pillars
  • Chimneys
  • Lower portions of walls (knee walls)


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Overall, stone siding can be used on a wide-variety of exterior home remodeling jobs while providing an attractive appearance and higher return-on-investment when it’s time to sell.


Other Ways Exterior Stone Veneer Provides Value

In addition to the aforementioned payback benefits of using manufactured stone siding on your home, it also gives you more bang for your buck in these ways:

  • It’s easy to install for do-it-yourselfers or professionals
  • It’s durable and holds up well to all types of weather conditions
  • It’s easy to care for and maintain
  • It’s much cheaper than real stone or brick

Another feature of stone veneer siding is the variety of custom colors available that coordinate nicely with any home’s exterior.  A company like North Star Stone offers a wide-range of styles and shapes and will work with you to best incorporate those into the existing character of your home.  Stone siding can also be easily washed with soapy or vinegar water and a soft bristled brush or sponge.  Then simply rinse off the cleaning mixture with water from your garden hose.  When you look at all of the positives that manufactured stone veneer brings to the table, it’s easy to see why it’s become such a popular and affordable home resale value-adding material!

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Enjoy Higher Home Remodeling Payback with Stone Veneer!

Manufactured stone veneer makes for a cost-effective, easily-installable and highly-attractive addition to your next exterior home improvement project.  Additionally, stone veneer siding provides the second highest resale payback on investment remodeling option according to the 2018 Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling Magazine.  At North Star Stone, we specialize in the manufacturing, sales and installation of both interior and exterior stone veneer products.  We’ve proudly worked with numerous homeowners around the Chicagoland area while enhancing their resale values using our fine stone veneer siding.  To learn more about home exterior remodeling ideas showcasing our wide-variety of manufactured stone veneer styles visit: now.

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